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Predators Depart from East Yorkshire Cup

06 Feb 2011

Westella & Willerby Juniors U13s      5
Pocklington Predators U13s      1


On a sloping, waterlogged pitch, buffeted by the wind, the Predators faced up to Westella & Willerby Juniors in a courageous and gritty match that saw their departure from this cup.

After winning the toss, Westella & Willerby elected to swap ends, allowing Pocklington to start the game off. In the first few minutes the Predators approach seemed promising, moving the ball around and dominating play. This was characterised through a long ball down the line from Nathan Saltmer that was taken up by Robert Cooney, who in turn moved it quickly off to George Pilkington. George laid the ball off to Ryan Gaughan who made a powerful shot that almost beat the keeper but ended up being touched out for a corner.

As the home side gathered their strength, play levelled out and eventually turned to Westella & Willerby’s favour. A quick move through our defence allowed the home side to capitalise, and open a 1 – nil lead by half time. Half time saw some strategic changes to the field, to which Pocklington were rewarded early with an early equaliser, coming from the boot of Harry Crusher, finding the top corner of the net and easily beating the keeper.

However, the Predators began to lose their shape a little while the home side kept up their strong attack, which, despite some excellent saves by keeper Alex Varley, ended with them sinking a further 3 goals to deny the Predators any further progress in the cup.

Kaine Varley

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