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First Strike for Predators

02 Oct 2011

Wigginton Grasshoppers U14s 1
Pocklington Predators U14s 2

With only 2 players absent and Rob Cooney almost over the injury that has prevented him from
playing this season, Pocklington looked strong playing at Wigginton this Sunday. With the side
almost at full complement and regaining their passing game, Pocklington were firing on all cylinders
and, even though Wigginton were a tough and skilful side, the Predators were the favourites and
didn’t disappoint.
Electing to take the kick-off, Pocklington immediately put pressure on the home side, and were
awarded first strike as Nathan ‘Salty’ Saltmer struck a deep shot that inched just wide of the post.
With the whole of the front and midfield working hard to keep pressure on the home side, the
Predators defence was equally called on to sever the Wigginton attack. Both teams seemed fairly
evenly matched, with Pocklington creeping ahead on possession and strike rate.
Although Pocklington moved the ball around, playing the passing game and keeping the pressure on
the home-side defence, they were unable convert their advantage to a goal by half time, despite
several attempts from Joe Aconley, Nathan Smith and Rob Cooney to change that.
After half time, and some positional changes, the Predators were again making their presence felt.
Rewarded by the quick thinking of Rob Cooney who intercepted a short gaol kick, turned and
knocked it straight into the back of the net, the Predators were off the mark.
With some incredible defensive team play from Stuart Wright, Matthew Terry and Harry Crusher,
the home side were denied all but a few limited attempts on the Pocklington goal. Meanwhile up
front, a cross through to Oli Hughes and a quick flick-on to Joe Aconley saw the visitor’s lead stretch
to 2 – nil.
In the final quarter of the game, a crowded defence and goal area allowed Wigginton to close the
gap and they too found the back of the net. Such was the strength of both teams that goal were
hard to come by, and the final whistle denied Wigginton the opportunity to draw level, leaving the

Kaine Varley

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